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We've enjoyed instructing over 1200 students in concealed carry and basic shooting classes! We appreciate their gratitude and helpful feedback.

Here's what they've had to say...

It was very professional and informative!" - Chad

I just want to take a quick minute  to thank you for the class you and your family put on yesterday. It was very professional and informative. I will absolutely give anyone I know your name as a referral for anyone wanting to take this class.


"Great class!" - Greg

Great class! Thank you for everything. I appreciate it.


"The class was fun and I learned more so much more than I expected!" - Diane

"Just a quick note to thank you for everything! Your patience in answering all my emails prior to the class, the class was fun and I learned so much more than I expected! Really makes you stop and think. And again, the patience while we were shooting. Your son is a very good teacher as well. My grandson had taken an earlier class and he really enjoyed it. I will definitely pass the word on to others that want to take it."

"It was professional and entertaining" - Joe

"Thank you much for the class yesteday. It was professional and entertaining. All of us from our group appreciated yours and Dustin's sharing of expertise."

"A little extra time" - Wes

"My wife & I really enjoyed your class & instruction.  Thank you for spending a little extra time with us. We would be interested in a private lesson."

"You are a great teacher" - Vicki

"Just wanted to say thank you for Sunday, it was a great class and you are a great teacher Duff.  Hope you guys are safe and sound during this crazy storm."

"I will recommend your class" - Tess

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you both for all your hard work & efforts, and for giving such a spectacular class, last Sunday. You are both to be commended.  It was an excellent class. Please thank Duff for his excellent shooting tips, and for correcting my “stance” while shooting. Thank you both again, for such a great class.  I will recommend your class, and pass along your business cards to any of my clients who may be interested in taking a CCW class."

"Keep up the good work" - Jeffrey

"Just picked up my new CC piece from Fremont Trade-N-Post at a sweet price. Thanks for the tip and keep up the good work. Really enjoyed the class bud."

"Wonderful to do all of this in one day" - Nikki

"Thank you again for offering this class. I really enjoyed going today. My husband got his concealed carry 2 years ago and I have been wanting to get mine for some time now. Thank you so much, it was wonderful to do all of this in one day. I will definitely be hanging on to your card and giving your name out to anyone that I know who is interested in getting their concealed carry license."

"Recommending that they take YOUR class" - Stan

"I have several relatives that will be taking a class sooner or later. I will surely be recommending that they take YOUR class! You are a good instructor and your delivery and props are tops. The many options for refreshments was a real added treat also."

"Very impressed with your class" - Pete

"I appreciate the use of the gun and ammo.  I was very impressed with your class and your level of passion for the curriculm and how it was taught.  Thanks again."

"He took your class and loved it" - John

"I got to visiting with a gentleman at Cabela's today who said he took your class and loved it.  He was very complimentary of you and the class you present.  Just thought I'd pass that on."

"Great instructor" - Janet

"Great class, great instructor and well organized."

"Definitely feel more comfortable shooting" - John

"I wanted to thank you again for taking the time today to give me feedback shooting today. Definitely feel more comfortable shooting and know what to work on to improve my skills. Much apprecieated!"

"Your years of experience definitely showed" - Kyle

"Thanks for the class yesteday. Your years of experience definitely showed and I definitely appreciated the scenario based drills. The class discussion and powerpoint topics definitely covered all of the questions and concerns that I had coming into the class."

"I now have more confidence" - Nick

"Thanks for the info on the new statutes. Want to say thanks to your whole team for your concealed handgun class.  I took your class and with a little tweek of my shooting stance, I now have more confidence and a great deal more stability. I have recommended your course and will continue to do so. Thanks."

"I will surely recommend you to friends" - Cindy

"Hey, we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your concealed carry class.  As a new shooter, I learned a lot. I really appreciated the real life stories you shared. You really have made me think more about what I am doing... am I training bad habits? what's way beyond my target (bullets penetrating 20 sheets of sheet rock)? How do I train for real life? When I walked into the class room, I felt kind of intimidated by all those burly guys but you did a great job combining good training with some lighthearted humor and I think it put us all at ease. I will surely recommend you to friends! Your wife and Dusty did a great job too.  What a team!""

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