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I am an Iowa resident.  Can I take your class to get my Iowa Concealed Carry permit?

Yes, taking our class will qualify you to receive an Iowa Concealed Carry permit. You do not have to take the shooting portion of the class to receive an Iowa permit. The class for an Iowa permit will be $45.00.

What other states will honor my Nebraska Carry Permit?

View this Reciprocity Map or check out our Helpful Links page at the bottom of the site.​

What days are available for classes?​

Concealed Carry Classes will be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays with classes starting at 8:00 a.m. on Saturdays and 9:00 a.m. on Sundays unless stated otherwise.   Handgun classes will be scheduled throughout the week. We can schedule a weekday for a group.   We will need 10 days in advance to schedule a date not already on the schedule.

Do I have to register online? 

If you do not feel comfortable registering online, you can contact us at 402-274-8883. You can register by emailing us at .  We will need your name, phone number, the date you want to take the class,  and the email you want us to use for class information.

​​Where will the Concealed Carry class location be?

Freedom Concealed Carry will travel to different locations. If a group has a classroom (or even a home) and access to a range we will come to you to teach the class. Classes will also be scheduled to take place at the Blair Police Station conference room. The range location will be given at the class. The address to the Blair Police Station is 1730 Lincoln Street in Blair, NE, click here for a map. Other locations available are Ashland and Neligh. For an Iowa permit the locations will vary as per need although you can take a Nebraska scheduled class in order to get your permit. 

Where will the Handgun Instruction Classes take place?

Freedom Concealed Carry will travel to different locations. If you have access to a safe place to shoot, the class can be given at your location.  If not, Freedom Concealed Carry has  access to different shooting locations in the area. Contact us to schedule a handgun  instruction class.

What type of payment do you take?

The cost of the class is $125.00.  We do accept cash and  checks.    If you do want to pay in advance, please let us know and we can make arrangements.


What does it cost for a Nebraska Concealed Carry Permit class?

It will cost $125.00 per student. If you get a group of five you get a $50 discount and $10 off for each person added after that.  If you get a group of ten (10) together for a class we will give you your class free.  You can take the discount off of your cost or divide it up amongst your group.


What does it cost for handgun lessons?

A lesson will cost you $50.00 for one hour of instruction. This hour will consist of the kind of instruction that you request such as cleaning your weapon,  gun safety, learning the basics or better techniques to improve your shooting.  A couple or two people wanting to take their class together will cost $80 for both together for a one hour lesson. A group lesson would also be considered. Contact me with what kind of instruction the class wants and the class size. We can then discuss location and what the cost would be for this particular class/group.

How many students will be in a class?​

A class can have up to 25 students. 

How does the scheduling work when I have a group?

With a group of 5 or more you get $10 of per student or with a group of ten, one student will get their class free. The group can decide how they want to distribute the discount. The class can be given to just your group upon request or you can bring your group to a date that is already scheduled for others to sign up to also. Each student still needs to register on the date the group would like the class so we have their individual contact information or one person can email the groups information. You can also contact us by email or call 402-274-8883 and we can help you register your group.  Just have the name, email address, and phone number of each student in your group and we will block that date on the calendar for your group.  Small groups are welcome if you feel more comfortable in that type of setting.  We will need to know 10 days in advance if you want a particular date not scheduled.


What do I need to bring to the class?​

​1. A pen and a notebook.
2. Handgun that you plan to carry. No single action revolvers. Needs to be in a case or holster and UNLOADED.
3. 80 rounds factory ammunition. Prefer no handloads or reloads.  50 practice and 30 qualifying rounds are mandatory in order to get your permit.  You may want to bring a few extra rounds to make sure you have enough.
4. Your Nebraska Drivers License or State ID number
5. A holster. Preferably a hip holster. We do not recommend ankle or shoulder holsters for the class.
6. Appropriate clothing to draw a concealed handgun
7. Safety glasses
8. Hearing protection
9. Lunch or snacks depending on where the class is held. Fast food may be available near some locations.



What do you provide for the class?

1. A binder with powerpoint inserts.
2. Range Access
3. Targets
4. Permit Applications
5. Certificate of Completion

6. CD with website references and also a copy of the powerpoint. (It will be available to all students who want one.)


Do I need to bring the handgun I will be carrying or will any handgun work for the class?

Any handgun will work as long as it is a double action revolver or semi-auto pistol. 

What type of holster do you recommend for this class?​

We recommend a hip holster for safety purposes. No shoulder holsters.

What about lunch?​

If the class is at the Police Station in Blair, fast food is available. There is a pop machine as well and a vending machine for snacks. You are welcome to bring your lunch. A lunch break will take place between the classroom and range. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided during the class.

What do I need to do next after taking the concealed carry class in order to get my permit?

​​You can go to the Nebraska State Patrol website to get all the information you need regarding your CHP permit. All the information you need to know is with the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit Application which will be one of your handouts in the class we give. This is also discussed during the class.

Will you travel to teach a class in another part of the state or teach a class in Iowa?​

Yes, if you have a group that will take the class, Freedom Concealed Carry will travel to a location in another part of the state and in Iowa. Iowa does not have to take the shooting portion of the class. 

When will I know if I passed the course, and when will I receive my certificate?​

The same day you take the class. If you pass, you will receive your certificate before leaving.


Does your class use NRA course material?

The material used in our class is not the NRA packets.  What I teach is what is mandatory for all CHP instructors and gets checked and OK'ed by the Nebraska State Patrol.  I am certified through the NRA as a pistol instructor.


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